Visual awesomeness

In the summer of last year my friend Bárbara and I were having a drink at the old harbour of Rotterdam when she pointed out to me how much fun she was having using Instagram. I had heard of Instagram, but I just hadn’t had the urge to start using it. But on the spot I downloaded the app and created an account. It began then and there, the incredible addictive and oh so enjoyable Instagram journey. I was hooked immediately!

I have always enjoyed making photos, but before instragram I only indulged myself on holidays or on special occasions. Because of the fleetingness of Instagram, that has changed. I make snapshots of the things I see around me, and when I have a spare moment I post them. Quick and easy fun. A nice way to express myself. And what my best friend Karianne pointed out to me: it gives everyone the opportunity to see the world through someone else eyes. And speaking of that world, I really would like to thank some of the Instagrammers for sharing their outlook on life with me.

                                                     geezet Geezet
Geezet is a Dutch woman that -besides her beautiful abstract photos- posts these incredible graphic outbursts. I really enjoy her optical illusions. Recently she showed another graphic side of her that I really enjoy. More colorful and compositional. I hope she will explore that side more in the near future.
     kristinenor Kristinenor
-“Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees” Robert Irwing – is the quote Kristinenor displays on her profile. Kristinenor abstracts the essence of things. Her photos are stilled and serene and soaked with a Skandinavian aesthetic. They always touch me.
luismendo Luismendo
And even though he recently decided to return to flickr, I want to mention Luis Mendo. His drawings always make me smile. I’ll miss his daily dose of portraits of passers-by. But most of all my son Ocker and I will miss the lovely Batman!
Waldfunk Waldfunk
And last but not least I want to mention Waldfunk. Waldfunk posts these increadible graphic photos of details from her surroundings. I love the forms, colors and composition of her photos.

So please check these Instagrammers out and start enjoying their visual awesomeness. And if you are curious you can also check out mine. I hope to be a part of this world wide community of photographic thoughts for a long time.


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